Janet Trevino

Frequently Asked Questions:


Why did you become a touch & cuddling professional? What's your life story?


What is Janet's Personality like?

She is full of heart and life, deeply caring about your experience! At the same time, she longs to slow down and be present with YOU! She looks forward to ensuring that you have an experience that results not only in you feeling an inner change, but others being impressed with how grounded and sure of yourself you’ve become! 


Why would anyone see me? 7 Reasons to see a Touch Specialist.


How can someone prepare for a touch/cuddle session?

Depending on the type of session you want, preperation is different.

Empowered Touch Session: Know what kind of touch/cuddling position you would like.

Supportive Touch Session: Let's talk! A conversation over what you'd like to experience, what you hope to feel after the session.

ReTouch: Rehabilitative Touch Therapy: With the support of a medical or therapeutic professional, we'd outline how touch can be reintroduced into your life. 


You are welcome to bring anything you think may be of comfort for you during our time together: special pillow, blanket, books/written word to read, movies/shows, audio recordings, etc. We craft not only how to cuddle but what we do while we hold each other!


What are the types of sessions you offer?


How will I experience walking through the door for the first time?
Upon entering my space, you can expect that I'll offer you a hug. It's always optional. And as we sit down to get to know each other, I receive you with an open heart, eager to sharing this experience with you.  Learning to communicate from the moment you arrive is all a part of the whole touch/cuddling experience! 


What does your space look like?


How is parking handled for touch/cuddling sessions?
You are welcome to park in the driveway. No need to park in the street if there's a driveway available.


What are the rules of a touch/cuddling session?


Why would someone need a touch/cuddling specialist?

So often we’re running around frantic with FOMO (fear of missing out), constantly trying to connect to everyone and as a result, no one at all. Platonic touch & cuddling has the magic of learning how to make authentic connections by practicing how to ask for what you want and slowing down enough to actually experience the sensation of the moment!


What happens if you get aroused in a session?


Does Janet have any other offerings besides touch sessions?

When Janet isn’t exploring her cozy side with an abundance of pillows laughing under warm covers, she’s creating brave spaces in San Antonio for facilitating difficult conversations. Her touch coaching & life coaching sessions are available for those needing a trusted space to work out life's most interesting issues.


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