Janet Trevino

Janet Treviño
Platonic Touch
& Rehabilitative
Touch Specialist
San Antonio, TX

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I provide brave spaces for touch deprived and touch averse adults struggling with making touch connections in their lives. I do this by creating spaces to reintroduce touch so that they can be successful in accessing this essential human need. I also collaborate with therapists, doctors, and medical professionals to ensure better health outcomes for their patients and clients.



Relevant Trainings

2016: Cuddlist Professional Training

Technology of Participation: Facilitation Methods

Facilitating Groups with Sexual Assault Survivors

Sex Geek Summer Camp Alumnus ('15 & '16)

2014: Institute for Mind Body Therapy Training

Betty Dodson-certified Bodysex Facilitator

2010-2011: Values-Based Leadership Training

Formal Education

2005: Master of Arts from Wheaton College Graduate School

2000: Bachelor of Arts from Moody Bible College

Work Experience

2016 - Present: Creatrix & Facilitator of San Antonio Embracing Sexuality

Certified Cuddlist Professional @ Cuddlist.com

2015 -2016: Adult Megaplex Sexuality Educator

Sexual Health Leadership Program, facilitating Medical Students in Sexual Health

Facilitation Experience

2012-2015: Red Tent Circles for Women

2010-2013: Traditional Food Workshops

2007-2011: Adult Sunday School Coordinator/Facilitator

2009-2010: Childbirth Mentor/Educator for Birthing from Within

2007: Nonviolent Communication Workshops

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I had the ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to join the amazing Janet in one of these circles and it completely revolutionized my relationship with my body. I was SO SCARED, I almost didn’t do it, but I KNEW I needed to do it... I have never felt so accepted and held by women before, which is what can happen when you are most vulnerable in such a sacred space. I walked out of there with a confidence and love for my body that I had never felt before.
— N.O.
Awesome! Janet has a calming presence about her. She made me feel at ease as soon as I stepped through the door of the temple.
— A.N.
It is not easy to guide people in questioning their attitudes towards subjects of sexuality which are considered taboo. Janet tackled this formidable task with sensitivity and creativeness. The subject matter was approached in a mature and thoughtful manner as she guided participants in expressing their attitudes from different gender perspectives. It was indeed an enlightening experience. I’m glad that I was able to attend.
— M.S.


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Through 1-on-1 sessions as a Touch and Cuddling Specialist certified with Cuddlist.com, I engage with clients using touch & communication.


ReTouch: Rehabilitative Touch Therapy collaborates with healthcare providers to support people struggling with touch deprivation and aversion to learn confidence skills so they can experience touch.