"If YOU only do what you can do, you can only be who you are now."

I know I'm created for greatness, and I see greatness in you, too. The only thing keeping me from my greatness & you yours is a step. A step going towards that which we've been created to do.
Hold my hand, close your eyes, and let's leap in together!
Read below to join me in the play that makes me leap for JOY!

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Certified Cuddlist Professional, Se Habla Español

Is it time for you to slow down & get in touch with your best self? Join me in a professional cuddling session! Request a session here. Would you like to learn more? I've created videos so that you can get to know me and hear a bit more about what is in all this touch I talk about!

San Antonio Embracing Sexuality

Is YOUR sexuality important? ABSOLUTELY!
Our Meetup group encourages and helps enable participants to explore, question, discover, embrace, express, share, and celebrate their individual sexuality through creative & lively group discussions.

What is sexuality? It's more than just sex. Sexuality is sensuality, intimacy, sexual orientation/gender identity, sexual health & reproduction, and sexual behavior/practices.

Bodysex Texas

Based on the conscious-raising groups of the 70's created by Dr. Betty Dodson, we're bringing these life transforming experiences to all vulva-owners in Texas. Come Home to YOUR Body and Come Powerfully!

Bodysex is us getting real about our bodies & pleasure. It includes full nudity, vulva show & tell, erotic recess (yes, we touch our own genitals for self-pleasure), and group massage unlike you've ever had!

This is for those vulva-owners that are ready for the next step in owning, honoring, and loving their bodies just as they are!