What do people say about Janet Treviño?  


"Janet Trevino continues to skillfully facilitate the group's ongoing exploration of solo sexuality by introducing aspects of the subject that are usually not explored in-depth. The discussions are, as always, very insightful." -M.S.

"Janet presented an insightful overview of flirting and foreplay that was both informative and entertaining. I think that the participants left with many new ideas of how to enhance these two aspects of their sexuality." -M.S.

"I had a informative and fun night. met some cool people too Thank you Janet you made it fun and comfortable, I'll be looking forward to the next one." -J.C.

"I had the ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to join the amazing Janet in one of these circles and it completely revolutionized my relationship with my body. I was SO SCARED, I almost didn't do it, but I KNEW I needed to do it, and I made myself follow through, regardless of my fears around how far from perfect my body was and so much more underlying stuff. I have never felt so accepted and held by women before, which is what can happen when you are most vulnerable in such a sacred space. I walked out of there with a confidence and love for my body that I had never felt before, something lasting. The women in that circle and I still share a sacred connection because of what we all shared there, over a year ago. So, if it terrifies you in all the right ways, do it! Just do it. You will be so glad you did." N.O.

"By far, this was one of the best Meetups. Janet provided the perfect environment wherein participants could openly express their insights and concerns regarding masturbation. It was both an intellectually stimulating and emotionally cathartic experience. Future opportunities will be coming to discuss this topic. Try not to miss them." - M.S.

"Establishing a safe place to discuss our sexuality is always a challenge. Janet does a good job trying to establish and maintain a safe space for all. Unfortunately, this topic left some feeling uncomfortable. I know Janet is aware of the issues that arose and is working on ways to improve this in the future." J.T.

"It is not easy to guide people in questioning their attitudes towards subjects of sexuality which are considered taboo. Janet tackled this formidable task with sensitivity and creativeness. The subject matter was approached in a mature and thoughtful manner as she guided participants in expressing their attitudes from different gender perspectives. It was indeed an enlightening experience. I'm glad that I was able to attend." -M.S.

"Very education and wonderful group of people. Janet is a great host that had the group engaged in discussions" - B.T.

"Thanks Janet for assisting me rediscover who I am." - A.N.

“ Awesome! Janet has a calming presence about her. She made me feel at ease as soon as I stepped through the door of the temple. ” A.N.

"Very good workshop that helps prepare for who we are today sexually and as a whole person. Janet you are amazing." -N

"This was an amazing workshop. Janet, again, applause for your direction and guidance and all the hard work you have dedicated to this." -N

"Janet creates a warm and inviting environment in which individuals can listen, learn, think, and share thoughts, about sexuality without any hesitation or fear. This should be appealing to anyone. Come and see for yourself." -M.S.

"This meeting proved that Janet has attracted people to the group who have a genuine interest in expanding their knowledge about sexuality and are willing to share their individual insights. The information shared was very well organized and presented in an easily understandable manner. I think that this will become an important forum for those who desire to gain more understanding of this subject. Please join us!" -M.S.

"Non judgmental, informative, and educational. I encourage those who want to increase their awareness about their own sexuality or sexuality in general to attend." -C

"Good conversations. I like the positive direction this group is going and the non judgemental open ability to foster the conversations" -N 

"Thank YOU! Seeing even a glimpse of your journey into being more 'you' and open - really did speak volumes to me.  You're an inspiration!" A.B.