Contract for Professional Coaching Services


Thank you for your interest in becoming a better version of YOU!  Taking the time to explore your story, who you are, and what you’d like to become is not easy and for which takes much courage to seek and migrate.  I’m here to support you in this process!  


My commitment to you includes

  • Being fully present during our calls/visits
  • Tailoring our sessions to your specific needs
  • Being honest with you about what I see, feel, and think
  • Being honest when I don’t know something and need to seek out resources that will continue our process
  • Continuing to challenge you to be your best, be better
  • Giving you referrals when our work moves out of my scope of expertise


What I require from you

  • Openness to explore ideas 
  • Willingness to move out of your comfort zone
  • Challenge yourself in allowing yourself to move through a process of reflection and action
  • Respecting my time/space boundaries: CONFIRMING SESSION APPOINTMENT the same day, and if needing to contact me, it will need to be within the boundaries outlined below
  • Financial compensation for my services
  • Being honest when you’re not needing my services any longer and making me aware of that




Phone calls are measured by minute.  $1/minute and paid electronically

Package of 3 sessions (following the first) would be $210

Package of 5 sessions would be $350

Cash or electronic payment (paypal or bank transfer) are acceptable options.  If credit/debit card option needed, allow me to create that possibility.  Additional fees may apply.


Personal Communication Boundaries

Preferred methods of contact for a more immediate response within 24 weekday hours: Text message

Longer written response needing more immediate response within 24 weekday hours: text message or FB personal profile messenger (my fan page may not get me as quickly)

Information given that’s not time sensitive: email

Phone calls are only scheduled.  Weekends are family time and may incur a delay in response.

Our sessions will be in public settings unless privacy is deemed necessary for coaching.


Disclaimer/Tools I Often Use

I have years of experience coaching within small groups and individually, close friends and family. I created this coaching option because people whom have experienced life-changing results after working with me, refer their loved ones. I am not a trained coach. My intuitive and "cut through the bullshit" abilities come from my experience.

Here are some of the tools I use either openly or privately when I listen and coach: The Work of Byron Katie, Zen Osho Cards,  Emotional Freedom Technique, Non-Violent Communication, personality tests like Myers Briggs and others, eye movement work, chakra exploration, breath awareness, age regression work, Ho'onponopono, visualizations, body pendulum, vision/mission detailing, writing exercises, visual arts, intention/goal setting with action steps, and ultimately, my intuition and facilitation tools.