Hitting Texas Clits Hard (or soft... depending on what you like! lol) Bodysex, Let's do it!

Bodysex: Come Home and Come Powerfully in Your Body


Ever feel undesirable and disconnected from your own body and pleasure?


Bodysex, based on the conscious–raising workshops developed in the 70's by renown sexologist, Betty Dodson, creates a brave space for you*, all vulva-owners, to become your own best lover!


Entering the circle in the nude, we build trust by sharing our stories around our bodies and our orgasms and find a deeper vulnerability by participating one-by-one in the vulva show-and-tell.


On the second day, we introduce the erotic recess, 'coming' into your self-pleasuring, after introducing valuable, pleasuring techniques to enhance your solo experience. You'll have the opportunity to connect to your body, within a sacred tribe of vulva-owners, your erotic pleasure and power!


The time you carve out to becoming a better lover of yourself is worth its investment! Join other vulva-owners who are ready to go deeper with you.


If you have any questions, please ask!





$247 is the early bird price. Get on it!


Sunday before the event, September 25th, price goes up to $277


Friday, September 30th price is $297, pending space availability.

Space is limited to 9 women


****I do have one reduced price SCHOLARSHIP I can provide. Please message Janet Trevino with your request for an application.



The two ways to reserve one of the 9 spaces at the workshop is by

1. Paypal $247 as friend/family so that I can receive the full amount or

2. Paypal through this link: paypal.me/janettrevino210/257 with a $10 increase for paypal fees



We require at least 5 vulvas present and paid (including host and facilitator) to confirm the workshop by September 24th to make it a go. In case of cancellation by or before this date, you will receive a full refund.


If a cancellation is needed by you after September 24th, half will be returned without questions asked (because of the costs for supplies will have already been invested.)


At the same time, I'm providing a 100% money back guarantee to all who attend and are dissatisfied after

1. attending the full workshop and

2. receiving feedback about your experience.

I have no interest in vulva-owners feeling that they wasted their money & time with me, and the least I can do is return their monetary investment. Thank you for trusting me in this experience.



We may have some space for you. Please message Janet Trevino.



Gluten-free, vegetarian snacks served during the workshop



If you have any questions, you can set up a short consultation with me, Janet Trevino. Please message me, and we'll schedule a Skype/Facetime or phone call.


The FULL PRICE of the Bodysex-Texas workshop is $497, and in order to keep it at that lower price (In NYC it's $1200 and California approx $600), Janet Trevino will be providing all our self-pleasure accessories. You will have the opportunity to purchase the barbell and vibrator after the workshop if you'd like at a reduced cost (reduced from the retail price). All toys used will be sanitized and condom'd for your protection.



*Bodysex is open to all whom identify as woman with a vulva, birth assignment irrelevant. Bodysex welcomes 18 yrs and older, all races, all socio-economic levels and situations (please ask for financial assistance if needed), disabilities (please contact hosts for accommodations), all educational levels, all relationship arrangements, kinks/fetish-honoring, and religious affiliations/spirituality practices/non-beliefs.