HARO Submission: Ways to Feel More Comfortable Asking For What You Want In Life. 


Summary: Ways to Feel More Comfortable Asking For What You Want In Life. 


Looking for life coaches and psychologists to hone in on how to
ask for what you want in different areas of your life--at work,
in relationships, in bed, even in places like elevators, the
supermarket, the auto repair shop, and the gym (asking people to
move over a little or when they'll be done with the
treadmill...). Aiming for a mix of practical tips and deep,
psychology-based advice (like re-framing something to show
yourself that it's not actually selfish, or it's not

I am Certified Cuddling Professional with Cuddlist.com. Our model of providing therapeutic, platonic touch requires for each client to ask for what they want. Most clients have never been asked, what kind of touch would you like, and many more have no idea what they want in touch or in life! 

My sessions with clients is their practice ground in doing this incredibly important work of "asking" because often people resort to "taking" from others or "giving" to others in spite of themselves. This is about finding your personal agency, or capacity, to exercise what is true: your needs and wants are valid and worthy of my attention and consideration

So, this is where it must begin. Many people do not believe that they are worthy of what they want. Their needs and wants do not matter, and for that reason, they don't ask their loved ones for them. Until a client is able to own this truth that their needs are valid and important, I do that heavy lifting for them. I reflect back to them in unconditional acceptance and love that who they are and what they ask for is perfect. They gain confidence, and as soon as after the first session, they can start embodying this truth... it begins to spill over into all parts of their life. 

Find a safe person to practice asking for what you want. Someone who is without judgment and will allow you to play with asking for anything! Feel the energy of being honest and forthright. Know that your requests are neither right nor wrong. They simply are. And begin! "You have not because you ask not." Wiser words have not been spoken.