HARO Submission: Things to Ask Yourself Before Starting an Affair

Summary: Things To Ask Yourself Before Starting An Affair

Media Outlet: Women's Health
Affairs have a rep for being based on lots of feeling and hardly
any thinking, so I'm trying in this piece to explore what you
should consider before having an affair by talking to a
relationship expert (with a Ph.D.). Maybe it's questions like,
what would my partner do if they found out, do I want to be with
this person just right now, or indefinitely, etc. For each
question, I'd like to have the expert explain why this is
something you need to consider before starting a side fling.



I see clients on a regular basis that are married. I provide platonic and nurturing touch to all people. Often people that are married, especially for the long-term, have unmet needs that an extramarital affair could address except they come with more baggage than is desired or expected.

So enter in from stage left, Cuddlist. Some people experience love via touch. Touch is the way that they know they are loved and love others. If touch needs aren’t being met in a relationship, quite often touch, usually in the form of sex, is sought out via an extramarital affair. This is no longer necessary. Touch needs can be platonic and be met with certified professionals that provide the love and nurture that is essential for health and wholeness. 

Consider before having an affair if what you need can be provided via loving touch professionals. We are people that truly do care and that can meet your touch needs in a safe and brave space. 

And as an added benefit, the Cuddlist model of touch requires that all clients ask for what they want. So, one of the reasons that people seek affairs is because they don’t know how to ask for what they want out of their marriages. Building on this skill of asking & believing that our wants are valid allows for people to do this within their marriage. Sometimes it’s about getting honest & real in our relationships.