Cuddles Galore!

Beginning as a certified, professional Cuddlist this past week while also launching the first Cuddle Party in San Antonio was enough Oxytocin to land me in bed early most evenings. I'm getting better sleep & feel all around happy about my life! 

The power of touch!  

We need it. 

The best compliment I received after a session with a veteran client with PTSD: After our session, I fell asleep for an hour & half & woke a new man. 

The Cuddle Party stretched many of us to explore our communication skills of asking for what we want, saying no & exploring our boundaries (you don't have them until you clarify them!)

Overall, the need for human touch... Using our largest organ to its fullest capacity is sorely lacking in most of us & our thirst & hunger for it doesn't surface like being parched or stomach growls. For many of us it surfaces in disease, physical pain, and/or mental health concerns among many other conditions. 

We don't even realize we need it until we have it, & we feel the body settle more deeply into our true health.

I extend my arms & offer you an embrace (for over 20 seconds to release the free oxytocin I offer. Lol)

Schedule a session with me if you'd like to explore this side of yourself... I look forward to connecting with you!

My warm embrace