Let's play a game... Do you know your condoms?

Image taken at the Adult Megaplex San Antonio

Image taken at the Adult Megaplex San Antonio

Why is it important that you know your dick size & choosing the right condom? Many dick-owners don't like condoms because they aren't comfortable, decrease pleasure, and they aren't seen as sexy.  

These are not your grandpa's condoms! The variety helps you have the safer experience you're needing! What if you chose the one that fits your dick!

There are condoms for guys who like a tight fit, 10" inchers, uncir/bigger head dicks, gerthy ones, thicker latex, and super thin latex. (I actually described the condoms from left to right.) 

Do you know what they're called? What do you use?  

Wrap it up, Dick!  


ETA: I'll post tomorrow what each of those condoms are. :D