Cuddlist Chronicles: From Missionary to Cuddlist... My Personal Journey Here

Hi. I'm Janet, and this is my story. How did I get to being a Cuddlist. It just didn't start this year. It's been growing since I was a child. Here it is!

I'm a problem solver... I like to meet the needs I see around me. I like to find solutions.

From a young child, religion was important to me... Catholic, Protestant, and later Anabaptist (that last one is not mentioned in the video.) 

No matter which faith I was in, I wanted to share this great news to the world. I went to Bible school starting off with a world missions degree. Being a missionary to the Muslim world where there were great challenges was where I had set my eyes. 

I moved to Mexico, and there the needs were English! I taught English.

I moved back to the US, and I was a corporate chaplain. One of the best jobs I had.

Moved to SA & began to have babies .... I could continue writing it all out, but I'll leave the rest for you to listen. 

And yes... I cried. I'm amazed at how life has brought it all together. 


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Recorded while walking on a San Antonio Parks & Rec Greenway on Facebook Live.

(The video was recorded live on Facebook... please excuse any references to viewer's interactions plus bad Wi-Fi connection.)