Divorced from Kids... Reconnecting Again

I have kids.  I find myself divorced from not only my ex-partner but struggling as well with this new arrangement of being in a sense divorced from them.  I see them 50% of the time, but the heart can't be pieced that way.  I'm needing to spend some time exploring how to find peace with this new arrangement... believing that they miss me, too. 

What would that look like? 

First, I need to accept reality.  Reality is that two parents LOVE and are committed to these children.  THAT'S A WONDERFUL GIFT!

Second, I need to envision who we are now as a family.  What are our values and how do we love and support each other during the times we're together?

How about how do we support and love each other when we're not together?  Yes... I need that, too.  To stay connected when I'm not with them. 

Lots to do... lots to create.  Who else has done this?  What resources are out there helping single parents navigate this?  I have no idea.