Creating S P A C E for YOU & Your Unique Sexuality... 


And I am ready to speak up and invite you to join me...

Janet is a Sexuality Creatrix, Facilitator, and Educator.

Officially, her job is to create spaces for YOU to unravel and expose what you’ve believed about sexuality* and move yourself into a more holistic approach to your healthy sexuality.

Which really means... She uses subversive tactics to usurp our society’s pathetic sexuality status quo. Janet is called to overturn the oppressive and repressive sexuality tables our society has set up for us.

This takes shape in a few different ways. Here are two to name a few: 

As a Certified Cuddlist Professional, she, through one-on-one sessions, engages her client's personal sensuality and intimacy through touch & communication.

As San Antonio Embracing Sexuality Meetup's facilitator, she invites groups to enter into these braves spaces talking about sexuality together.  

She challenges with creative and innovative group conversations the lack of sexuality awareness we have in our community and the participants leave with a greater understanding of who they are as sexual beings.

When she is not being subversive, she dedicates her love and her attention to herself.... learning to be more honest & real in all areas of her life so that she can be her best to her supportive partner, Carlos and 4 amazing, young children; connecting in nature through travel and camping; and trying to keep alive her 14 backyard chickens.


*Sexuality is more than just sex. It encompasses most decisions we make. Clink on the link for more information on the 5 circles of sexuality by the Interworking Agency Group.